Home Schooling

Why home schooling?

Homeschooling is a better alternative to public-schooling as students need not to go long way to school spending their valuable time. They also can be protected from external hygiene problem, pollution and other threats that takes place due to normal schooling. If the parents are intelligent, patient, and engaged in their children’s education, and willing to give up lots of time, homeschooling is the best option. Parents can personalize their child’s education based on their interests, their strengths, and their weaknesses. We believe it was that personalized education that made school so easy for parents and students. Students’ reading and writing skills have been higher than anyone else in the public-school since middle-school to higher school.

BSICI Home schooling Advantage:

  1. High qualified and experienced teachers worldwide
  2. All curriculums available-both national and international.
  3. All languages and subjects are available according to any curriculum needs.
  4. More than 200 teachers globally on board at your service.
  5. Improved and student centered methodology
  6. One-to-one mentoring/tutorial classes in every week
  7. Activity/project/research based learning
  8. Regular assignments and tests for every students
  9. Remedial and special support classes for slow learners
  10. Regular follow-up and feed-back from parents and students to make the student better
  11. Final exams arrangement and support
  12. Flexible timings for learning (Can choose the shift)

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