Management Success! The Secret Laws of Mirroring

First, Murphy’s Law, so true and wise,

The more you fear, the more it will arise.

Don’t let worry rule your mind,

Or failure is what you’ll find.

Next, Wilson’s Law, a guiding light,

Prioritize knowledge, talent bright.

For money flows where skills are found,

And success will be firmly bound.

Kidlin’s Law, a simple trick,

Write your problem down, and quick.

Then half is done and brings you fame,

You are winner in management game.

Gilbert’s Law, is a workplace problem,

No one to guide you but sure to blame.

But don’t despair, for you can see,

The solution lies within thee.

Lastly, Falkland’s Law, a word of care,

If you don’t need to, don’t make a decision rare.

Save that brain space for what’s important,

And success will be your endowment.

These laws of management are a treasure,

Follow them well, and you’ll find pleasure.

In business, life, and all you do,

These principles will see you through.

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