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Welcome from the Director

It is a great privilege to be the Director of a prestigious and global Institute like BSICI, and to have the opportunity to lead these innovative and progressive minds into its centenary and beyond. In our complex and ever-changing world, it is clear that today’s young people will be faced with a unique set of challenges in the future. It is our responsibility to ensure our students are prepared for their journeys beyond institute armed with creativity, a positive mindset, and the knowledge and skills they will need to thrive.

I firmly believe that BSICI’s positive and innovative Learning Model is the ideal framework for this. It enables students to develop their individual strengths and follow their passions. Through emphasising the development of attributes and nurturing each student’s wellbeing and individual interests, we foster a competent team that helps students to develop character and achieve their best academically. The significant contribution of our highly efficient and experienced mentors enable the development and success of the young people in our care, and is a testament to our deeply-held belief in a shared responsibility for creating tomorrow’s thinkers, leaders and positive change makers.

We understand that every child is unique, and that there will need to be a range of different pathways to support the journey of each student through BSICI. We work in friendly and close way to deliver a holistic education in which we will together equip our students with not only the desire but also the skills to play an active role in shaping the future, and to have a positive impact on the world. I encourage you to visit us, speak to our staff and students and find out more about what your BSICI journey could look like.

Mastery! That Crafts Masterpiece!!


Dr. Bhuvan Anand Rout

B.Com, MA, MBA, B.Ed, M.Ed, Ph.D

IB, IGCSE & AS/A Level Mentoring

Brout Scholars’ Group (BSG) provides well-experienced and trained IB Mentors for international students in most of the major cities across the globe. We provide qualified IGCSE/AS-A Level/IB Mentors for students globally.

We provide Home Mentors in many cities in India keeping in mind that every student has the right to learn well.

We provide experienced and specialized professional Mentors for the students beyond geographical boundaries.

Our Mission

To explore and fulfill the potential within ourselves. To connect with one other and our world. To make a positive impact on tomorrow

Our Vision

Together we contribute to a better world by inspiring passion for learning along with drive to make a difference.

Mastery! That Crafts Masterpiece!!

IB Learning

Students are guided by accomplished and experienced IB Mentors for PYP (Kg to 5), MYP (6 to 10), DP (11 and 12), IA and EE globally.


IB Learning

Students are guided by accomplished and experienced IB Mentors for PYP (Kg to 5), MYP (6 to 10), DP (11 and 12), IA and EE globally.

IGCSE Learning

Students are guided by accomplished and experienced IGCSE Mentors for Grade 8,9 & 10 globally.


IGCSE Learning

Students are guided by accomplished and experienced IGCSE Mentors for Grade 8,9 & 10 globally.

AS/A Level Learning

Students are guided by accomplished and experienced As/A Level Mentors for Grade 11 & 12 globally.


AS/A Level Learning

Students are guided by accomplished and experienced As/A Level Mentors for Grade 11 & 12 globally.

Subjects Offered

Extra Support in IB

Internal Assessment (IA)

We assist in IA topic, selection, content, data, analysis & review.

Extended Essay

We assist in EE topic, research draft, review, correction & documention in all subjects.

Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

We support in TOK essay ideas, draft, conceptualize, review & suggestion.

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Our Leadership & Mentors

BSICI ensures you experience and specialized professtional mentors for scroring the higher grades/stars in all subjects.

Dr. Bhuvan Anand R.
CEO, Academic Director

MA, MBA, B.Ed, M.Ed, Ph.D, IB-CAIE Expert-Economics and BM Experience: 26+ Years
Dr. Salina Smith
CFO, HOD (Business/Business Management)

MBA (finance) Experience: 12+ Years
Dr. Binoy PNadh
CLO, Sr. Mentor (Law and Accounts)

M.Com (finance), LLB, Ph.D (Commerce), Experience: 12+ Years
Ms. Sheetal Sonavane
Chief Academic Head, HOD Biology and Senior Biology Mentor

M.SC. (Biology), B.Ed., M.Ed, IB-CAIE Expert Experience: 16+ Years
Dr. Dharmesh S. Bhat
Chief Technical Head, HOD and Sr. Mathematics Mentor

M.Sc. M.Ed. M.C.A. Ph. D, IB-CAIE Expert Experience: 21+ Years
Mrs. J.V. Sheela
AH, English Mentor

B.Com (Hons), M.A. (English), B.Ed, MBA (Fiancance), IB-CAIE Expert Experience: 15+ Years
Mr. Sai Sasi Sekhar Putcha
Sr. Mentor (Accounting and Business)

M.Com, B.Ed, Experience: 23+ Years
Mrs. Kusum Dixit
Subject Expert in Hindi and Sanskrit

M. A. B.Ed, Experience: 20+ years
Mr. Somnath Chattopadhyay
Subject expert: BM, Economics, Accountancy

M.Com, M. A., PGDM (Finance), M.Phil Experience: 15+ years
Mrs. Ramshetty Pratibha
Subject expert: English and Social Science

M.Com, LLB, B.Ed Experience: 24 + Years
Mrs. Vijetha Thakur
Subject expert in Chemistry

M.Sc., B.Ed, Experience: 12+ years
Subject expert in Biology

M.Sc, B.Ed, Experience: 10+ years
B. Kiran Mayee Singh (Mentor)
Subject expert in Biology

M.A., Diploma in Early Childhood Education Experience: 20 + years
Mrs. Mamta Vyas
Subject expert in Gujurati and Hindi

BA, B.Ed, Experience 24+ Years
Mr. Bala Murali Krishna
Subject expert in Accountancy

M.Com, M.F.M, B.Ed, Exp: 19+ years
Mr. Ravi Choudhary
Subject expert in French

BA, Advance Diploma in French language, Exp: 12+ years ex
Mrs. Vineesha
Subject expert in Hindi (Art/craft/Yoga too)

MA, B.Ed, Experience: 18+ years
Mr. Paresh Gagwani
Subject expert in Mathematics

ME, B.Ed, Experience: 8+ years
Mr. K Sivaram Prasad
Subject expert in Fine Arts

B.Com, M.F.A, Experience: 10+ Years
Chaula Shah
Subject expert Psychology

M.A. Philosophy, Experience: 10+ years

BSICI ensures you experience and specialized professtional mentors for scroring the higher grades/stars in all subjects.

Language Mentors:

  1. Anirudh Mishra (English Literature)
  2. Jordan Crish (TOK/English)
  3. Unnikrishnan Nair (TOK and English)
  4. Dipankar Basu (English/TOK)
  5. William James (English and TOK)
  6. Eun Woo (Korea language)
  7. Madhusmita Ratha (Spanish)
  8. Emanuel L. (Spanish)
  9. Navaratn Khurasia (Sanskrit)
  10. Samuel Bose (French)
  11. Jhon William (French)
  12. Bindu Agarwal (Hindi)
  13. Hemanth Kumar (Hindi)
  14. Dr Ren Minato(Japanese)
  15. J. Xinyi (Chinese)
  16. C. Yichen (Chinese)

Science (Physics) Mentors:

  1. Mohamed Siraj (Physics)
  2. Jamila Bajaj (Physics)
  3. Mei P.C. (Physics)
  4. Prahallad Bhuiyan (Physics)
  5. Hardhika patel (Physics)

Science (Chemistry) Mentors:

  1. Naveen Reddy (Chemistry)
  2. Jennifer Biden (Chemistry)
  3. Bhaskar Reddy (Chemestry and General Science)
  4. Ms. Revona Rebello (Chemistry)

Science (Biology) Mentors:

  1. Phillips Patrica (Biology)
  2. Amelia Joe (Biology)
  3. Shivaram Patil (Biology)
  4. Dr. Aruna Bal (Biology)

Mathematics Mentors:

  1. Ha Joon (Mathematics)
  2. Dr Sheema Nayak (Mathematics)
  3. Purushothaman D (Mathematics)

Geography Mentors:

  1. Santanu Chakrabarthi (Geography)
  2. Shalini Gaikwad (Geography)
  3. Dipakbhai Modi (Geography/Social studies)

History/ Geography/ Social Studies Mentors:

  1. Arundhati Diwakar (Social Studies/History)
  2. Athiya Mohamed (History)
  3. Koel Kumari (History)
  4. Anshupa Pattanaik (History)
  5. W. K Ava (political Science/Geography)
  6. Malini K. Sethy (Environmental St./Social St.)

Psychology Mentors:

  1. Manisha Chatarjee (Psychology)
  2. Sheela Bajaj (Psychology)

Economics/ Business/ BM/Business Studies Mentors:

  1. Durga Kongara (Economics)
  2. Dr Vidyutlata Mangeshkar (Economics)
  3. Ravi Kumar (Business Studies)
  4. Merry Josua (Business Mnagement)
  5. Madhusudan Reddy (Economics/Business)
  6. Mr. Saikiran Vadla (Business)
  7. Archana D. Dubey (Economics)

Accountancy Mentors:

  1. D.S. Subhramanium (Accountancy)
  2. Sunil Rathore (Accounting)

Computer Mentors:

  1. Geeta Krishnan T. (Computer/IT)
  2. Sulochana Malik (Computer/IT)
  3. Kishore Kumar (Computer/IT)
  4. Mr.Ramkishor (Computer/IT)

Fine Arts/ Visual Arts Mentors:

  1. P. Robert (Fine Arts)
  2. Dillip Kumar Sharma (Visual Arts)
  3. Himari K (Visual Arts)

Design/ Fashion/ Media Studies Mentors:

  1. Ruchika Agarwal (Media Studies)
  2. Razalin Esabella (Media Studies)
  3. Jamila Ali (Design)
  4. Simpson Ambrose (Design and fashion studies)
  5. Liza Begum (Fashion Studies)
  6. Rani Samudral (Fashion Studies)

Music/ Drama/ Physical Education Mentors:

  1. Do Yun (Music-Key Board, Guitar)
  2. Krutika Sen (Art and Drama)
  3. Ch. Jivika Jyothi (Physical Education)

Student's Testimonials

What they say about BSICI?

Rousa Fathima

Now Studying in Grade 12 IB

BSICI provided me with a rich educational background for 2 years. It visibly improves each year and the students succeed by that. Mentors are so down to earth and make the lesson so easy and understandable. I am confident in my subject and my approach that would not be possible without being here.

Sruthi K. Pillai

Now Studying in Grade 10 IGCSE

Being a BSICIan for the past 2 years has always made me feel proud. I am proud to be a part of this wonderful family. It had been my pillars of support, till date. I developed my real education here with such a wonderful mentors.

Yuan Jing

Now Studying in Grade 11 IB

BSICI is a place for you to embrace yourself with confidence, passion and desire to achieve the best. Here you bring out your foremost qualities with the help of the most supporting mentors, and you have an opportunity to develop those qualities and put them in the right place.  Basically BSICI does everything possible to brighten the future of the world.

Kaushik Patel


From my 3 years at BSICI, I have learnt countless lessons, both academic and emotional. This dynamic environment has facilitated my personal growth by providing me both with endless opportunities and challenges. BSICI for me is a special place like no other. It is a place where I can come to grow with knowledge and I love it for that.

Rohith Garg

Grade 12, A Level

Studying at BSICI has given me a chance to gain new experiences and opened my thoughts to look at the world in a different manner. I am so happy with the lovely and high profile mentors in BSICI which as I feel an awesome institute in India.

Merry Estella

A Level 2021 Batch

Although I did find the IB Diploma Programme incredibly difficult and I am unable to get along with my peers and teachers in my school, the support that I received from my mentors in BSCIC has significantly alleviated my struggles. BSCIC mentors helped me actualize my potential in a variety of ways. I not only gain required textual knowledge here, but also experienced how to walk keeping my head high. I would like to thank all my mentors who transformed me to incredible! 


IB Diploma in 2020

It’s an amazing time to be acquainted with BSICI and its mentors who have saved me during the lockdown year. I had absolutely no idea what to do as I had zero knowledge in my subjects and almost decided to skip the IB Exam. However, it was BSICI who saved and awakened me helping in subjects and My IA and EE to make me fit what I am today. I secured 38 points which is the best achievement in my educational pursuit. I am really grateful to BSICI and its dedicated and knowledgeable mentors.

Sunil Shaha

IBDP student 2018

Studying and learning research at BSICI is an amazing experience, from the EE, IA experience to its amazing teaching methodologies’ that you are exposed to... It's like gaining a new knowledge every time. All the skills in my IB curriculum have aided my career development and advancement. It is a life changing investment for me”.  Thanks a lot to BSICI.

Parents of Shresha Agarwal

MYP student 2019

Mentors in BSICI are so resourceful and creative in finding the most amazing ways to develop my child’s curiosity and they really make learning a fun activity for kids to pursue. I have never seen any institution that care for young children and inculcate right knowledge in them. My child is now confident in IB Diploma class after learning MYP program with BSICI. It’s worth for money.

Parent of Aman Natarajan

IB student 2018

Thank you for being such a truly wonderful team. You have made my child’s move to Stanford University such a positive one and your contribution to our happiness is immeasurable. I must thank all your staff who directly or indirectly helped my child.

Parent of Preeti Signh

IGCSE student 2019

We are extremely impressed with the caliber and depth of the education as well as the warmth and commitment. Not only are my children receiving quality education for their age, I feel as though it is about at least a year more”. Thank you BSICI”.

Parent of John William

A Level student 2020

High level of education, high level of student care and attention, great moral and value education, wonderful teachers, brilliantly managed and organized by BSICI leaders and staff, superb leadership and adaptability to pandemic and all the challenges that came with it. We are very pleased all around, a perfect Institute so far for our family.

Parent of Liza Abraham

IGCSE student 2021

High dedication of staff and teachers, Inclusive and cross-cultural environment, Inspiring and encouraging spirit is worthwhile. Friendly and supportive atmosphere with high academic standards is remarkable. A genuine care for the students with amazing teachers and supportive leadership needs to be appreciated. It’s really individualized education and my child loves the BSICI and its mentors.

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