Lord Jagannath

Note: Based on available data, the letter ‘E’ is the most commonly and frequently used letter in the English language, with an occurrence rate of nearly 11%, surpassing all other letters. In light of this, I have endeavored to compose a poem about Lord Jagannath entirely without utilizing the letter ‘E’.

Grand Jagannath, lord of all,

Ratha yatra calls do not stall,

Mammoth chariot with bright sight,

Divinity in plain trait.

Puri town hails the glory,

Songs of joy, a famous story,

Pilgrims all, do visit soon,

Bowing down in full boon.

As Vishnu’s form, Krishna’s too,

With myth and story, old and new.

Puranas, Ramayana, Mahabharat,

All narrating his holy mantra.

From long ago, it’s a holy slot,

Of myths, worship and what not.

Loyalty, bonding, in Hinduism it shows,

All traditions it absorbs and flows.

Jagannath Mandir, a symbol of this,

A spot of worship, a holy bliss.

Bibhishan bandana, a ritual grand,

In his glory, all folks do stand.

Jagannath, oh! Holy God,
In Puri, all bow and laud.
Grand chariot pulls you with much joy,
Praying, all folk do truly hoi.

Lord of all, your kind looks grant,
A sight that many can’t supplant,
Your loving spirit brings folk to you,
With faith, all do pray to constru.

In Puri, a land of holy bliss,
All folks bow down to your luminous tryst.
Jagannath, Lord of all,
In worlds and all domains stand tall.

Boons and favor of all thy words,
Pious air, songs of birds,
Jagannath, thy soul will soar,
Gifting all, with an open door.

So holy God, all honor to you,
Your divinity, all will constru.
In mind, all folks pray with might,
Lord Jagannath, your holy light.

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