Gray Areas of Ethics!

Nothing is illegal, they say with a grin,

But actions speak louder than words within.

Rashmika, a vegetarian with chicken in hand,

Promoting fast food, oh the irony is grand!

Alia is sweet, but sugar she won’t touch,

But Frooti she promotes with sugar’s rush.

Allu Arjun’s educational endorsement, sincere or not,

Would he enroll his son, or is it just a mere plot?

Akshay Kumar, health-conscious and fit,

But Elachi Pan Masala, he endorses with grit.

Ajay Devgan and Ranveer Singh, the ever-smart pair,

Keeping silent on ethical dilemmas, not fair!

Pakistani team, scared to play at Modi stadium,

Bravery they showed in attacks, but now they’re just a boredom.

Yet, according to Pak SC, one thing is illegal,

The arrest of Imran Khan, it’s a matter so regal.

So, nothing is illegal, some may declare,

But conscience and ethics, we should always beware.

Let’s strive for integrity in all that we do,

And not just blindly follow the dollar’s hue.

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